Which one i should make first and take him to lvl 100 evan or WH i really cant decide

Added 1/12/2016

Hi im gonna ask a question now i know its a really stupid question but im going to ask it anyway im planing on making a evan and a wild hunter sothe question is which one i should make first and take him to lvl 100 evan or WH i really cant decide

Personally I think Wild Hunter is more fun than Evan, though Evan is pretty fun also. That's pretty subjective, what would you ride first? A huge Onyx Dragon or a Feral Jaguar? Idk, both are pretty epic.

MapleStory Volunteer Idea

Wild Hunter: Fires arrows while you ride a tamed Jaguar (or have it fight beside you for a limited time). Wild Hunters are good at close-range and long-range combat. It's quick and unique, has high HP, MP and Critical rates than other bowman related classes. My Wild Hunter is almost level 201, I really love playing it. A huge reason for that is 100% stance while doing Dimensional Invasion (and other things). The Snow White and Onyx Jaguar gives 50% stance, and you get 50% stance when using the Jaguar Rider skill making the stance 100%.

Evan: Is a Dragon Master, your character is dependent on the growth of the dragon to Job Advance. When the dragon grows (gets bigger and fatter) you will unlock new skills, some of the skills also requires questing. Evans attack fast, is pretty good at moving across maps, unique class. Personally I find Evans annoying at bossing due having tons of important buffs, so getting dispelled is pretty meh. Also it's not as smooth and lovely as Wild Hunter at bossing, then again that's just my experience. There is a high chance I haven't mastered the art of bossing on an Evan, so take that with some skepticism.

Character cards

Grade B = levels 30-60. Grace A = levels 61-100. Grade S = levels 101-199. Grade SS = level 200.

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Evan: +70% chance to restore MP on hit +2% (Grade B) +4% (grade A) +6%(Grade s) +8% (Grade SS)
Wild Hunter: Chance to instant kill .5% (Grade B) +1% (Grade A) +1.5% (Grade S) +2% (Grade SS)

Hope that helps.

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Win Your Code! Blade and Soul CN CBT Event Already Comes!

Added 1/12/2016

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Blade And Soul works stance-based

Added 1/11/2016

First things first... Loving this game so far, a lot more then I expected.

I apologies in advance, I'm sure this is a stupid question..

As i progressed through leveling my summoner, I received new spells they just showed up in my UI

I've now hit lvl10 and I'm sure I received a few new ones, but they didn't show up inn the UI and for the life of me I cant find a menu that shows a list of available spells to drag to my bar or so I can even rearrange them..

If anyone could help me out here that would be awesome.. I'm sure its just something simple (menu or something) that I've just not noticed or missed in the tutorials.

This game works stance-based. I dont know which ones summoners have, but let's use assassin as an example:
They have a stealth stance and a decoy stance. Decoy is basically their normal stance.. you have your 1,2,3,4 + y,x,c,v skills there. You always only have this exact amount and these exact skills.
The trick is, those skills change. Sticking with the example, entering stealth stance nearly all of assassins skills change. They get new 1,2,3,4 and some others on y,x,c,v also.

That's the general idea behind stances. But there's more. You also have different skills when knocked down, when doing some special actions, when being cc'ed and so on.
When you press K you open your skill tome. When you go to the icon view you see all skills you have unlocked (and all there are in general). All of those skills are on your bar at all times. There is no way to remove or put on any other skills. Some just are not visible until you are in a specific situation, such as a stance, or stance/state + crit on a specific skill or something like that. Prerequisitions like that are also noted in the skill description.

The skill system is quite well made when you get used to. Especially when you realise that, while you cant change the skills on your bar, you can "edit" nearly every skill with skill points later in the game (~lvl 17) and change them drastically in most cases.

Hope this helped, have fun!

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