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Guilds are an important part to every game. They bring people together and help us form new friendships and bonds with other players. Some friendships remains strictly in the game world while some go beyond it. Either way, guilds play a major role in the gaming experience of nearly all online players. Today we bring you an after thought on guilds.

Lyn Gaming is mostly about elaborate graphics, solving different quests and defeating bosses. Watching your character progress through leveling and defeating monsters is another joy in and of itself. However, having a great community to game with is an essential and necessary element to truly complete the MMORPG experience. That's why guilds, legions, clans, etc exist. 

This after thought will be about the guild system within Blade & Soul and what kind of features the community would like to see implemented. Let's have a look!

A family like guild. A feature focusing on communication.

Lyn: One of the biggest things about MMORPGs is that instead of playing by yourself you play with people from all around the world. As a result, guild mates can become good friends. Sometimes they even become like family. In games, we have guilds, legions, and clans so that we can gather and communicate easily.

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